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Payroll Processing and Human Resource Information

We host for our client partners a real time integrated payroll/human resource information system. Our objective is to provide a state of the art information platform for all of our clients. By supplying a seamless approach for information reporting, a variety of human resource tasks can be made more efficient. Our hosting service makes information automation affordable for any size employer.

  • Full Payroll Processing and Reconciliation Services
  • Unlimited User Defined Earnings and Deductions
  • Full Tax Reporting and Deposit Service
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Support
  • Disbursement via ACH Direct Deposit, Debit Card, or Check
  • Automated Management and Payment of Garnishment(s)
  • New Employee Reporting
  • 24/7 Secured Access from Any Remote Location
  • Multiple Authorization Levels for Information Access
  • Manager and Employee Self-Service Capability
  • Hundreds of Standard or Customized Reports
  • Storage of Interactive Human Resource Information